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Professional Reflection-Oriented Focus on Inquiry-based Learning and Education through Science


News from Feb 20, 2012

This year the 22nd International Conference on Chemistry Education will take place from 15th to 20th July 2012 in Rome, Italy. The main topics on the Conference include communicating chemistry, didactics of third level chemistry, ICT and multimedia in teaching chemistry, didactics of second level chemistry, laboratory work in teaching chemistry. In addition, the changing role of Chemistry in Society, the way this science is perceived and the influence of social, scientific, cultural and didactic aspects and other emerging disciplines will be discussed. PROFILES plans to run a symposium during the conference to further disseminate the project, its ideas, CPD approaches and objectives to chemistry educators worldwide. Further information is available on: http://www.iccecrice2012.org/en/index.php

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The PROFILES Project
The PROFILES Project