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Professional Reflection-Oriented Focus on Inquiry-based Learning and Education through Science

WP 1: Management and Evaluation

WP1 Group photo 6

Group Photo: © FUB

This work package is led by Freie Universitaet Berlin (FUB), who is also the project-coordinator. The main aspects of this work package are located in the overall management of the project and include – amongst others – the following main tasks:

Liaison with the Commission in general and e.g. by coordinating the preparation of the two “PROFILES Periodic Reports” and the “PROFILES Project Final Report” in particular

Financial management

Efficient networking and communication among the PROFILES Consortium Partners, e.g. by planning the seven “PROFILES Consortium and Steering Committee Meetings” (in cooperation with the “PROFILES Leaders Steering Committee”) and by providing the PROFILES partners with the “PROFILES Intranet-Platform”

Coordination of activities and communication between the PROFILES partners and with outside bodies; e.g. by organizing the “PROFILES Kick-off-Conference” in Berlin, in December 2010 as well as the two “PROFILES International Conferences” held in Berlin in September 2012 and August/September 2014

Communicating progress and outcomes of the project to the PROFILES partners and to the interested public; e.g. by coordinating the publication of the three “PROFILES Books” (in cooperation with the leader of WP8) and by keeping the “PROFILES International Homepage” up to date.

In his tasks, the coordinator and leader of Work Package 1 (Management and Evaluation) is supported by the leaders of other work packages (the “Leaders Steering Committee”) and by the “Independent External Evaluator” (IEE). The role of these experts is to monitor – in cooperation with the PROFILES Steering Committee – whether the project is meeting its objectives and to provide guidance in discussing and to determine meaningful developments in the project (see also Work Package 2: “Cooperation and Support”).


This Work Package is led by:




Summary of the “PROFILES 1st Periodic Report” (July 2012)

Summary of the “PROFILES Kick-off-Conference” in Berlin (December 2010)

Summary of the “PROFILES 1st International Conference on Stakeholders’ Views” in Berlin (September 2012)

The 1st PROFILES Book: Inquiry-based Science Education in Europe: Examples and Reflections from the PROFILES Project; edited by Bolte, C., Holbrook, J., & Rauch, F. (2012). University of Klagenfurt (Austria).

The PROFILES Project
The PROFILES Project