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Professional Reflection-Oriented Focus on Inquiry-based Learning and Education through Science

WP 5: Continuous Professional Development

WP 5-Teacher CPD

Photo Teachers' CPD: © FUB

The key objective of work package 5 is to train prospect PROFILES teachers to implement the PROFILES learning modules in their classroom. More specifically, the CPD (continuous professional development) model in PROFILES aim is to develop teachers’ knowledge and pedagogy, so that they will be able to scaffold their students in acquiring the specific skills needed (e.g. IBSE, decision making, asking questions, etc.). In the PROFILES project, in general, teachers undergo four steps of development


                Figure 1: Stages in the professional development of a PROFILE teacher


In WP5, professional program / models are implemented using evidence-based best practice strategies regarding the inquiry approach to science teaching and learning based on teacher identified needs to include specific educational settings and organizations in the different countries.

In general, this professional development programme   consists of teachers' face to face meetings and online activities providing teachers with needed background as well as accompanying classroom interventions putting the IBSE related training into practice based on the guidance of professional development providers and partners. Emphasis is placed on the development of intrinsic motivation, inquiry learning, extrinsic motivation attributes, classroom learning environment, formative assessment and feedback strategies, involving of both boys and girls, and the need to enhance scientific literacy for responsible citizenry.


Figure 2: The professional development models that were chosen by the partners as the most meaningful  models




This Work Package is led by:


The PROFILES Project
The PROFILES Project